Activies within reach

Keep up your physical activity during the holiday, and feel free to use the tennis court made available to you at any time fo the day. Or maybe, you would prefer playing the national sport of Southern France, "La Pétanque". Our pétanque field is there for you to enjoy a great time among friends and a glass of rosée. 

To stay in shape, go for a run, or simply go on a sightseeing walk, feel free to go on the small hiking path located only 5 minutes away from the Camping Sunêlia La Presqu'île. Marked, it follows the banks of the lake and will lead you straight the Saint Michel Bay. 

On the nautical side, bring your boat and enjoy our water access ramp. Fully enjoy this exclusive access to the lake offered by the Camping Sunêlia La Presqu'île! If you don't feel as adventurous, lay your beach towel on the grass of our private beach or by the side of our pool complex. Idleness, relaxing times, and refreshments....