The Museoscope 

Made notorious by a history filled with emotions, the Serre-Ponçon Lake has completely disrupted the Alpine landscapes throughout the construction of its earth-filled dam. One of the biggest in Europe!
Having submerged the former village of Savines-le-Lac and Ubaye during the filling of the basin in 1061, relive the achievement of this masterpiece through the Lake Muséoscope
Located only 30km away from the Camping Sunêlia La Presqu'île, it is a must-see attraction to fully live and understand the history of the Serre-Ponçon valley. A time traveling journey through an educational visit, expositions and short-films that will fascinate children and adults alike. 
The Belvedere, located just across the Muséoscope, will offer you an incredible sight on the technical wonder which is the Serre-Ponçon Dam. At its bottom, you can find the House of Energies that will guide you in the heart of the turbines needed for electric production. Not far from there, in Espinasses, discover the remains of the former EDF campus that sheltered the former workers who contributed to the construction of the dam.