The little Nice in the Alps

Located just 12km away from the Camping Sunêlia la Presqu'île, the city of Embrun overlooks the Serre-Ponçon valley on the Roc of 80m. Its year-long sunshine, its pure air, and the charms of its ancient streets and alleys have earned it the name of the "Little Nice of the Alps". 
The heart of the city, which mixes a medieval architecture, archiepiscopal, and provencal will carry you its animated flamboyant and high in colors back-streets. 
Meet the local farmers and craftspeople and discover their products and know-how during one of the weekly farmers market on Wednesday and Saturday morning
"City of Art and History", sit down among one of the several bars and restaurants at one of the many plaza such as the Place Barthelon, La Place de la Mairie, or the Place de la Mazelière and savor the local tourtons and ravioles along with some honey "de pays" and enjoy the concerts and nocturnal markets that animate the heart of the city. 
Admire one of the last remainance of the defense of the archiepiscopal defense complex: La Tour Brune. Not far from it, is the Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Réal dating from the XIII century and watching over the 6500 souls of Embrun and opens its doors for the discovery of a roman and gothic art. At last, just across from the cathedral, the Garden of the Archbishopric will offer you a fantastic view on the surrounding mountains. 
Slightly eccentric, the Plan d’eau offers a panel of nautical activities. It also hosts on the most notorious sporting event in the Upper-Alps: The Embrunman.