Challenge the White Waters 

When Spring comes, the melting snows rise the levels of the Upper-Alps rivers and create an ideal setting to go kayaking and rafting. 
Do no be fooled by its apparent calmness...
Draft down the Durance river, which springs up from Briançon. Enjoy a variety of landscapes and work on your paddling skills before confronting the famous Rabioux Wave. Many white water guides and equipement renters are welcoming you with a smile throughout the many departing sites, such as Châteauroux-les-Alpes, Saint-Clément-sur-Durance, l'Argentière-la Bessée, Guillestre or even the Gorges du Guil.
Not intense enough for you? In this case, the stronger water flow of the Ubaye river will provide with the thrills you are looking for. Aboard your "hot-dog" which doesn't fear the shocks or waves, it's by Le Lauzet-Ubaye or even St.Vincent-Les-Forts that the adventure begins towards more tumultuous rapids. 
Do you need more than that? 
Slide down the water streams that combine climbing, sliding, jumps, and hiking through the waters: Canyoning. It's a well-rounded playfield with an educative approach as soon as 6 years old.