Camping Sunêlia La Presqu’île

A bowl of oxygen within the mountains

The Camping Sunêlia La Presqu'île is ideally located at the border of the Écrins National Park. Put on your hiking shoes and roam the paths to reach the summits!

After close to 20 kilometers from the Camping Sunêlia La Presqu'île, criss-cross the mountains and fill your lungs with pure air among a lush biodiversity: the famous Pré de Madame Carle towards the Massif des Ecrins, the Marmite des Géants in Gourniers, the famous Cascade de la Pisse in the direction of Châteauroux, Le Parcours des Fées inviting you for an artistic walk, or the dominating Morgon Peak overlooking the Serre-Ponçon Lake. 

There are many natural treasures to explore, such as this unique geological phenomenon called the Demoiselles Coiffées, which you can see from the Camping Sunêlia La Presqu'île , or even the Aiguilles de Chabrières, accessible by taking the Réallon Station cable cars. 

Many thrills to experience

Over the clouds, time itself stops aboard... A hot air balloon! The Upper-Alps gives you the opportunity to see a breaktaking landscape from an angle you've never experienced before, from above! With a paraglider or ultralight aircraft, fly over a over a majestic scenery offered the Serre-Ponçon Lake from St Vincent-les-Forts or Savines-le-Lac. Discover a lunar setting from the Aiguilles de Chabrières, or a grand experience overlooking the Mount-Guillaume... Enough to loose sight from!

Need more adrenaline? 

Explore the vertiginous from the Orres or the Gorges de la Durance just for the time of a Via Ferrata. Walk along the rocky walls and cross the high bridges, and take on more speed using the giant zip lines laying 200 meters above the void. Guaranteed thrills!